The story of a family extended over Bavaria, Austria, the Czech Republic, and the United States of America

Hon. Albert Obenberger

Albert Obenberger

Born Pfatter, Bavaria, December 1, 1846
Died Milwaukee, April 11, 1926
Buried Calvary Cemetery, Milwaukee

Soldier, Co. E, 48th Wisconsin Infantry, 1865
Grand Army of the Republic

Alderman, 1886 - 1890

Captain, Cream City Guard
Member, Old Settlers' Club

A commemorative resolution of Milwaukee's Common Council at the time of his death in 1926 describes a life of selfless service to his family and community. Among many other accomplishments, he served on committees that brought electric streetcars to Milwaukee and which adopted the design for Milwaukee's City Hall. He was a part of the German Socialist movement that brought reform and honest government to Milwaukee; contemporary accounts in the Milwaukee Sentinel describe that his new constituents serenaded him at his front porch on his first election night victory.

Respected Saloonkeeper, Broommaker, Barrelmaker, and Cigarmaker.

Great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather of many living Americans.



Obenbergerula horni. (Coleoptera Buprestidae Agrilinae)

Jan Obenberger

Born Prague, May 15, 1892
Died Rakúsko-Uhorsko, April 30, 1964

Doctor of Science degree awarded by Charles University, Prague. Professor of Zoology. Eminent Entomologist and author of the then-standard reference work indexing beetles from every region of the globe. Numerous varieties of beetles, which he first discovered, bear his name, including the insect depicted at left.

He was drafted in 1914, suffered battle wounds in Pannonia in the Balkans, and he returned to the faculty of Charles University in 1917.

He entered entomology in part because of his great skill at color illustration in the age before color photography. Professor Obenberger enjoyed professional esteem and earned universal respect under four regimes, under the Austrio-Hungarian Empire, under the independent Czech government, under Nazi occupation, and under Soviet domination, a tribute to his professional excellence and his personal diplomatic abilities.




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